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Blocked Delivery of email to address@hidden

From: postmaster
Subject: Blocked Delivery of email to address@hidden
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 06:33:13 -0300

                 BLOCKED DELIVERY OF YOUR EMAIL TO  sidnei@ouroverdetl.com.br

        Our email scanner has detected a VIRUS in your email
        Your email has been stopped.  The intended recipient will receive a 
notification of this message.
The virus scanner revealed...
Scanning /var/log/inflex/tmp/Binf_031606334099/unpacked/*
Scanning file /var/log/inflex/tmp/Binf_031606334099/unpacked/_headers_
Scanning file /var/log/inflex/tmp/Binf_031606334099/unpacked/textfile0
Scanning file /var/log/inflex/tmp/Binf_031606334099/unpacked/product.doc.scr
        Found the W32/Netsky.b@MM virus !!!

Summary report on /var/log/inflex/tmp/Binf_031606334099/unpacked/*
        Total files: ...........       3
        Clean: .................       2
        Possibly Infected: .....       1


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