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Re: import doesn't create directories in the repository for empty

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: import doesn't create directories in the repository for empty
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 11:41:42 -0500
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Galen Seitz wrote:

>Larry Jones <lawrence.jones@ugsplm.com> wrote:
>>Galen Seitz writes:
>>>I followed the instructions in Cederqvist section 3.1.3, "Creating a
>>>directory tree from scratch", but cvs apparently does not create
>>>directories for empty subdirs.
>>Correct -- CVS manages files, not directories.
>Would you entertain a patch to remove or replace the following section
>of the manual?  It is clearly wrong as written.

No, because Larry told you wrong.  `cvs import' _DOES_ create empty
directories in the repository when requested.  Most likely, however, you
are attempting to check out your new project using `cvs checkout -P'.
Later `cvs update -P's can have a similar effect.  `-P' could also be
specified in your ~/.cvsrc (or in WinCVS the global preferences tab's
"Prune (remove) empty directories" option).

The workaround is either to 1: Checkout some empty and harmless file you
might need later, like .cvsignore, or something like a stub Makefile
into each previously empty directory before your import, or 2: checkout
and update without the `-P' option until you no longer have any empty
directories you are concerned about retaining in your sandbox.


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