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[Funcom Support #575778] Re: Extended Mail System

From: Anarchy-Tech
Subject: [Funcom Support #575778] Re: Extended Mail System
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 13:39:14 +0200

Thank you for contacting the Anarchy Online customer service team. Your request 
has been logged and you will get a personal response from one of our 
representatives. Our response time during weekdays is usually within 24 hours. 
However, we have reduced shifts during weekends and holidays which might create 
a longer response time. You should not expect a response until the following 

You have sent a questions/feedback to our tech support team. In order for us to 
get a complete overview of your problem, we need some information about your 
computer and ask that you send us the following files in a reply to this email.

* DXDiagOutput.txt
You need to run dxdiag to get this file. Click on <Start> <RUN>, and then type 
in dxdiag.exe in the window. Save the file and attach it to the mail.
* AnarchyCrashLog.txt 
* Anarchy.err 
* Anarchy Online/prefs/main.cfg

All these files are found in the directory where you installed Anarchy Online. 
(Usually C:\Program Files\Funcom\Anarchy Online\)

If you are experiencing connection problems while playing the game, please 
provide the following information in a reply to this e-mail:
- a trace route (run "tracert >C:\aotrace.txt" at the "MS-Dos 
prompt" in Win 98/98se/WinME, or "Command Prompt" in 2000/Win XP, and 
aotrace.txt will be created in your root C: directory with the trace 
- Information of what Internet Service Provider is being used, what connection 
type (56k modem, cable modem, ADSL, etc), and if the connection is being shared 
(and if so, how).

For general Anarchy Online questions and inquiries, please visit the official 
Anarchy Online message boards, located at <http://forums.anarchy-online.com/>. 
Often, players within the community are extremely helpful and are more than 
willing to offer assistance to a fellow citizen of Rubi-Ka. When posting, we 
ask that you please be kind and courteous. 

Another resource for commonly asked questions is the Anarchy Online FAQ 
(Frequently Asked Questions). The Anarchy Online FAQ can be found at 
<http://www.anarchy-online.com/content/support/faq/> and is continuously 

If you find a resolution to your problem, prior to being helped by a 
FuncomCustomer Service Representative, we would like for you to tell us. Your 
ticket has been assigned an ID of [Funcom Support #575778].

Please include the string:

         [Funcom Support #575778]

in the subject line of all future correspondence about this issue. To do so, 
you may simply reply to this message. This assists us in tracking your issue so 
we can provide a higher quality of player support.

Thank you again for contacting the Anarchy Online customer service team and for 
your contribution to the ongoing growth of the Anarchy Online community.     

Funcom Customer Service Team

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