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VS: pserver login fails on 9 char passwords

From: Mäkeläinen Juha
Subject: VS: pserver login fails on 9 char passwords
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 09:36:35 +0300

It was not any comma problem. I did also some log writing (a few lines later):
            host_user = NULL;
            syslog (LOG_AUTHPRIV | LOG_NOTICE,
                    "password mismatch for %s: %s vs. %s", username,
                    crypt(password, found_passwd), found_passwd);
$ tail /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log
Jan  7 11:14:22 host1 syslog: password mismatch for user1: F0sPYT3vo0Gmc vs. 

    - Juha

-----Alkuperäinen viesti-----
Lähettäjä: Derek Robert Price [mailto:derek@ximbiot.com] 
Lähetetty: 29. maaliskuuta 2004 20:27

Mark D. Baushke wrote:

Actually, as near as I can tell, the CVS server has been dealing with that 
problem, inserting the NUL at the comma, since 1.11.7.  Why is Mäkeläinen still 
experiencing a problem?

Not that that is really the correct fix - to quote the comment in server.c:

    /* Allow for dain bramaged HPUX passwd aging
     *  - Basically, HPUX adds a comma and some data
     *    about whether the passwd has expired or not
     *    on the end of the passwd field.
     *  - This code replaces the ',' with '\0'.
     * FIXME - our workaround is brain damaged too.  I'm
     * guessing that HPUX WANTED other systems to think the
     * password was wrong so logins would fail if the
     * system didn't handle expired passwds and the passwd
     * might be expired.  I think the way to go here
     * is with PAM.

Patches pensively perused,

- --

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