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Urgent Require Distributor

From: worldscope
Subject: Urgent Require Distributor
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 01:14:24 +0700

Dear, friend!

We just looking for someone can distribute our products and success in his life.

I am just bored in many affiliated program that hard to see a real products.

So I come to join with Worldscope a wholesaler that distribute many interesting 
and amazing products.

Hi ! friend!

 I hope you are the one that can run by your own business as a wholesales or a 
distributor in your city.

And I am very glad if you come join with us.

The attached file is only our sample merchandises, genuine smooth thai silk 
necktie that we sell on line is US$39.00  For more pics you can find at 

but if you need more or you can sell as a retailer, don't be hesitate cantact 
us by personal mail or by call.

Due to we have many kind of products we would like you subscribe our mail  
mailto:sales@paidoo.com?subject=subscribe to recieve our news offers.

or you do not want to meet this offer again you can unsubscribe  

Best regards,
Al Hardy.
Origin Country Thailand

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