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RE: Windows Build: lib/regex.c warnings, "free" calls

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: Windows Build: lib/regex.c warnings, "free" calls
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 20:17:35 -0700

Hi Derek,

> From: Derek Robert Price
> Well, for now, then, a quick fix may have to do.

>From prior messages I gather the project has a bias towards applying
fixes at the highest level possible where it's most specific in order
to minimize the unintended consequences.

A cast can be applied at any of the 3 macros involved: REGEX_FREE,
FREE_VAR and FREE_VARIABLES (ordered by lowest to highest nesting
order).  Since the "...only if every call..." criteria is met in
3 cases, we have 3 options:

Door #1: A cast in REGEX_FREE (lowest level) is a 1 line change.

Door #2: A cast in FREE_VAR (middle level) is a 1 line change.

Door #3: Casts in FREE_VARIABLES (highest level) is a 7-9 line change.

And now Derek Robert Price,
which Door will it be?...
Door #1? Door #2? OR Door #3?

> You might not have.  I was just being thorough without anything
> particular in mind.  Sorry.

Thank you.  I really value a thorough approach, it lowers entropy.

> That means that the version of regex.c comes from before I started
> maintaining srclist.txt.  srclist.txt will need to be updated after a
> new version is imported.

I'll keep that suggestion on file.

> If it works, then the quick-fix should be applied there and submitted
> back to GNULIB at the same time.

I'll keep that suggestion on file also.


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