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Attn Dennis Jones: CVS Windows Build, Visual C++ Project Files

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: Attn Dennis Jones: CVS Windows Build, Visual C++ Project Files
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 14:09:23 -0700

Hi Dennis,
Derek Price tells me you're a key stake holder in building
CVS on Windows using Visual C++ 5.0 (VC5) project files.
I propose the CVS project revert the current VC project
files back to VC5 format such that current *.dsw, *.dsp
and *.mak files are a consistent VC5 project file set.

I propose the CVS project add VC6 project file support as
new files on the feature branch using a distinct, possibly
version specific, file name set.
The reasons for these proposals and your attention are:

1. Derek and I have only Visual C++ 6.0 (VC6).  Right now
the VC project files on the CVS feature branch are in a
mixed state i.e. VC6 for *.dsw & *.dsp and VC5 for *.mak
which I found confusing when I began doing Windows builds
last week.

2. The mixed set is an awkward process since Derek commits
a *.dsp change, you downgrade the *.dsp to VC5 so you can
regenerate the *.mak for delivery to Derek.  Unavoidable
time lags lengthen the duration where the project files
are not synchronized.

3. Right now, as far as Derek can determine, you, Derek
and I are the only active Windows builders.
I would appreciate any and all comments please.
I would appreciate hearing about all reasons for keeping
VC5 support.  I plan to use this information to shape my
future CVS project contributions.

Conrad Pino

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