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Bug report on CVS client for VMS (version 1.10.7 and 1.12.2 at le ast)

From: Wolf Glenn-r39604
Subject: Bug report on CVS client for VMS (version 1.10.7 and 1.12.2 at le ast)
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 15:32:20 -0700

Please direct me to the appropriate place to report this or request help if 
this isn't it.

When I issue an export on vms for a directory with many (1400 or so) files, the 
export fails partway through the process with the following error message (or 

LEMMON> cvs export "-ko" "-r" "PROMIS561_REL200_P" "prom"
cvs export: Updating prom
U prom/create_release.com
U prom/login.com
U prom/login.txt
U prom/promcopy.com
U prom/promis.bld
U prom/ems/eqpaddcmn.c
U prom/ems/eqpchcapa.c
U prom/ems/eqpchreas.c
cvs [export aborted]: cannot rename file ./eqpchreas.c_new_ to ./eqpchreas.c: 
no such device or address

It does not always fail with the same filename in the [export aborted] message, 
and is usually about 200 or so files into the export.  Invariabily when I 
traverse the exported directory tree to the directory it is working on, I see 
the file suffixed with _new_, and can rename it to the desired destination 
without issue.

This problem exists in many environments: VMS 6.2.-1h3, VMS 7.2, VMS 7.3, VMS 
7.3.1 all with the Multinet TCP/IP stack, and at VMS 7.3.1 with the UCX TCP/IP 
stack.  In fact, I have only one system where the problem is not evident (an 
old, slow system), and it works correctly on that particular machine 
independent of the version of VMS that is installed (I have tested there under 
VMS6.2-1H3 and VMS 7.3).

We have been using CVS 1.10.7 for 3+ years in this environment, and I just 
tried 1.12.2 and the problem still exists.

Our repository is on a remote Unix box (Solaris, I think).

Please help if you can.  The powers that be want to retire my old, slow box 
that allows me to release software from CVS.  I need to correct this to keep 
CVS in production here.


Glenn Wolf

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