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Issuezilla #175: Add new -F style option that only allows tag to move to

From: Geoffrey Lowney
Subject: Issuezilla #175: Add new -F style option that only allows tag to move to newer revision
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 08:46:29 -0700

I submitted this patch (including tag.c, sanity.sh and cvs.texinfo
patches for my enhancement) back at the start of April, and there has
been no response yet.  Derek suggested I post to bug-cvs@gnu.org with a
link to the issue (the link is below).


The enhancement is as follows:


I have created an enhancement to the 1.12.6 version of tag.c to support
our automated build process.  The new version adds a -u option (-u is
shorthand for -up).  It is almost identical to -F, except it only allows
tags to be moved to newer revisions.  I'd like to have this enhancement
added to the standard CVS codebase so I don't have to keep implementing
it for each release.






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