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Problem in checking out files from CVS repository running on RedHat Adva

From: Victor . Su
Subject: Problem in checking out files from CVS repository running on RedHat Advanced Server 2.1
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 16:10:04 +1000

Dear Sir,

I am working on installing the CVS 1.12.7 (have already tried the 1.11.1p1)
on the Linux RedHat Advanced Server 2.1.

Everything setup all right (and I can used Intellij to load the source code
into the CVS1.12.7 repository, the real problem is in checking out the
source from the CVS and I get the read lock failure message):

I follow the steps bellow:

To get it simple, I used the root user to set this up:

0. Create a group called "cvs" and a user call "victors" and put the
user "victors" into the "cvs" group.
1. Installed the CVS successfully.
2. Created a new repository root succcessfully: /cvs1.12.7 and changed the
group ownership recursively right under the cvs1.12.7 root directory to the
"cvs" group, and then also right under the /cvs1.12.7 directory, I ran
this: chmod ug+rwx . CVSROOT
3. Then I registered the cvspserver as a service, updated the xinetd.conf
accordingly, updated and restared the xinetd successfully.

And finally I can use the nmpa localhost | grep 2401 and I can see the
xinetd is running.

Now I login using my id say "victors" and I am at my home directory, and I
used the following command:

cvs -d :local:/cvs1.12.7 co CVSROOT

However, it shows me the following error:

cvs checkout: Updating CVSROOT
cvs checkout: cannot create read lock in repository `/cvs1.12.7/CVSROOT':
No such file or directory
cvs [checkout aborted]: read lock failed - giving up

Please know that this problem should not be related to the permission
setting because of the following reasons:

1. As you can see from the above there is NO permission error showing
2. I have double checked the permission setting on the directories in the
CVS ropository and they are all right, and I even used the root user to try
and it comes out with the same error message.

I have done a lot of research regarding this problem on the internet and
found no help and all of the similar problems are related to their
incorrect permission setting...But in my case there is no problem with the
permission setting.

I am now wondering whether this is the bug in CVS or there is the bug on
the RedHat Advanced Server 2.1, however I believe this looks more likely a
bug on the CVS rather than on the O/S.

My xinetd.conf:

service cvspserver
        Port = 2401
        socket_type = stream
        protocol = tcp
        wait = no
        user = root
        passenv = PATH
        # server = /usr/bin/cvs #for version 1.11.1p1
        server = /home/victors/bin/cvs/bin/cvs #for version 1.12.7
        # server_args = --allow-root=/cvs --allow-root=/var/cvstest -f
        server_args = --allow-root=/var/cvstest --allow-root=/cvs1.12.7 -f
        #server_args = --allow-root=/var/cvstest -f pserver
        # env = HOME=/cvs
        log = /var/log/cvslog

As I need URGENTLY to finish the setup in order to let the development
activities to proceed smoothly, it would be EXTREMELY HIGHLY appreciated if
anyone could provide the help on this regard!!!

Thank you very much in advanced!!!!!!

Best Regards,

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