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RE: Patch: Visual C++ Library Project Renames - libcvs & libz

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: Patch: Visual C++ Library Project Renames - libcvs & libz
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 15:09:59 -0700

Hi Derek,

> From: Derek Robert Price
> Sent: Monday, April 19, 2004 06:23
> >My mailer is Microsoft Outlook 2000. I haven't altered settings since
> >I began attaching patch files.
> >
> >Derek, is this first time problem occurred in a patch submission?
> Yes.
> >Derek, did problem occur in test patch files I sent you prior to final
> >submission to "Bug-CVS"?
> No.

It would seem patch submittal problem was a 1 time event (I hope).

> >Anyone know which Outlook option maps to Derek's suggestion?
> >Anyone have good experience submitting patches with Outlook 2000?
> >Anyone have good experience submitting patches with Netscape 4.8?
> I'm on Netscape 7.1 and two methods work for me - attaching the patch
> in the composer's attachment window or opening the patch in a browser
> window and cutting and pasting into composer.  At some point I had to
> disabled the flowed text for cutting and pasting to work, but I think
> it was not a native Netscape option, but an option from the encryption
> plugin that handles my PGP signature.

I believe I'm doing the Outlook 2000 equivalents and the feedback I've
received so far says the problem is a 1 time event.

Since email list filter's out ZIP files, I post new files on my WWW site
until patch acceptance is decided.  In can put patch text file there too.

I'm not ruling out moving to another email client for CVS work.  It's a
one time chore but I'll do it if needed.  :(

> Derek


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