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Re: Urgent !!! Problem in checking out files from CVS repository running

From: Victor
Subject: Re: Urgent !!! Problem in checking out files from CVS repository running on RedHat Advanced
Date: 11 May 2004 05:52:12 -0700

Hi, Mark,

I am sorry for the late update because I was trying to setup a new
infrastructure myself to duplicate the scenario on my notebook...

I have now just setup the RedHat Advanced Server 2.1 (same as the one
we are running in the Linux box) and it runs the CVS version 1.11.15
stable release. I can import the source and check them out using
winscp without any problem (except I am not able to use the root user
to do so -- can only use the user defined in the cvs group).

I have also updated the problematic Linux box with the CVS 1.11.15 but
still getting the same error message as I wrote you before.

After the thorough check I believe there problem is in the way of the
Linux setup which causing the CVS keep throwing the consistent error
message "creation of the read lock fail... no such a file or
directory...give up..."

So to simply put, the setup on my notebook has proved that the CVS can
run on the RHAS 2.1, with only the minor issue of the root user now
allowed to log into the repository (even after I put the root user
into the CVS group).

So for the time being, until the Linux admin can make the significant
update of the way they setup the box or do the reinstallation, we will
use the CVS running on the windows platform as the alternative

Anyway, thanks very much for your help and time indeed and I can feel
the warm from the open source community !!!

Kind Regards,

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