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Re: Can't issue multiple cvsclient commands to cvshome server

From: Alexander Taler
Subject: Re: Can't issue multiple cvsclient commands to cvshome server
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 23:49:45 -0400

>>>>> "Derek" == Derek Robert Price <derek@ximbiot.com> writes:
  Derek> Alexander Taler wrote:

  >> I get the following error message on the second and subsequent commands:
  >> cvs [status aborted]: received broken pipe signal cvs status: Invalid
  >> reply from auth server (dissent) looking for (DONE)

  Derek> broken pipes are usually loginfo scripts and the like that die
  Derek> horribly, in this case it is a hacked "xml-loginfo" server.

Ok, there's not a lot that can be done about that.  I guess my
best course of action is to modify LibCVS to check whether or not
a server can handle multiple commands on a single connection, and
behave accordingly.  I've already set off down this path.


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