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Patch: Stable Branch Windows VC6 Build

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: Patch: Stable Branch Windows VC6 Build
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 12:55:11 -0700

Hi Derek,

Here is the patch you requested.
Files not included here but needed and should be same as feature
branch as long as both branches are built with same tool chain:


i.e. VC6 since this script is fixing VC6 .dep/.mak output.
File attachment "Patch-stable.txt" contains patches for:

        cvsnt.dep (new)

        diff/libdiff.dep (new)
        diff/libdiff.mak (new)

        lib/libcvs.dep (new)
        lib/libcvs.dsp (new)
        lib/libcvs.mak (new)

        zlib/libz.dep (new)
        zlib/libz.dsp (new)
        zlib/libz.mak (new)

and is intended for use by the patch committer.

Attached patch text file uses Windows/DOS new line standard.
These entries are provided for convenience of committer:


        * cvsnt.dsw: Rename projects and files as follows:
                        "zlib/zlib.*" to "zlib/libz.*"
                     Add project "lib/libcvs".
        * cvsnt.dsp: Revised for "cvsnt.dsw" changes.
                     Move "lib/*.c" to project "lib/libcvs".
                     Upgraded to Visual C++ 6.0 format.
        * cvsnt.dep: Added for "cvsnt.dsp" change.
        * cvsnt.mak: Regenerated for "cvsnt.dsp" change.


        * .cvsignore: Changed for "libdiff.dsp" changes.
        * libdiff.dep: Added for "../cvsnt.dsw" changes.
        * libdiff.dsp: Changed for "../cvsnt.dsw" changes.
        * libdiff.mak: Regenerated for "../cvsnt.dsw" changes.


        * .cvsignore: Changed for "libcvs.dsp" changes.
        * libcvs.dsp: Added for "../cvsnt.dsw" changes.
        * libcvs.dep: Added for "libcvs.dsp" addition.
        * libcvs.mak: Added for "libcvs.dsp" addition.


        * .cvsignore: Changed for "libz.dsp", "zlib.dsp" changes.
        * libz.dsp: Added for "../cvsnt.dsw" changes.
        * libz.dep: Added for "libz.dsp" addition.
        * libz.mak: Added for "libz.dsp" addition.
        * zlib.dsp: Removed for "../cvsnt.dsw" changes.

for use or not at committer's discretion.
I'm not sure if an "NEWS" entry is needed or appropriate.
I'll provide one if suggested as to the needed content.
These commands are provided for convenience of committer:

cvs add cvsnt.dep
cvs add diff/libdiff.dep
cvs add diff/libdiff.mak
cvs add lib/libcvs.dep
cvs add lib/libcvs.dsp
cvs add lib/libcvs.mak
cvs add zlib/libz.dep
cvs add zlib/libz.dsp
cvs add zlib/libz.mak

if stable == feature
        cvs admin -n cvs1-11-x-branch:1 windows-NT/fix-msvc-mak-head.pl
        cvs admin -n cvs1-11-x-branch:1 windows-NT/fix-msvc-mak.pl
        cvs add windows-NT/fix-msvc-mak-head.pl
        cvs add windows-NT/fix-msvc-mak.pl

cvs remove zlib/zlib.dsp

Attachment: Patch-stable.txt
Description: Text document

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