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Re: nanosleep.c & winsock.h (was Re: Windows Build Broken - Feature Bran

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: nanosleep.c & winsock.h (was Re: Windows Build Broken - Feature Branch)
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 22:17:21 -0400
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Conrad T. Pino wrote:

>Hi Shaun,
>>From: Shaun Tancheff
>>IMO the attempt to stay 'as true to posix as possible' is admirable,
>>but a bit misguided when it comes down to abusing select() to act as a
>>high resolution timer .... The select() in winsock is there only to be
>>compatable with BSD sockets interface.
>Hmmm...  How do you mix different opinions in a open source project with
>very few committers to get a blend that will *actually* be committed?
>Is that anything like making sausage? :)


Since you asked:

The impetus behind using the GNULIB functions is to offload some of
the CVS maintenance, sharing it between several projects that also use
GNULIB.  CVS has only three full time committers at the moment and its
a big project.  With GNULIB, when one project hits a portability snag,
the fix can be shared between several projects.

As for why I direct a newbie to talk to another project, it is for
several reasons, not the least of which being that I don't really have
the time.  I don't have the time for the stuff I do accomplish!
Secondarily, you are also the reporter of the problem and, at least in
theory, have knowledge of the problem's parameters and access to the
appropriate environment to test out solutions.  If I was to talk to
them I would mostly be a go-between in this case.  Thirdly, the GNULIB
folks tend to have a much better handle on portability and standards
than I and you will likely find yourself on similar footing to me when
you talk to them, and possibly better due to my lack of Windows knowledge.

Finally, my avoidance of adding code that only runs on Windows is
because it has a tendency to suffer from bitrot when the main code
changes.  Like we're seeing now.  I'm glad that you are taking an
interest in the Windows code, and I am grateful for your help, but I
am yet to see that you will still be maintaining the Windows code a
few months or years from now.  If we offload on GNULIB or find
solutions using widely accepted standards which the folks at M$ were
generous enough to support, then we don't need the full-time Windows
maintainer who has yet to make themselves known.  As I said, I have a
Windows machine and a copy of MSVC++ 6.0, but I simply don't have the

Sorry for the rant and any frustration on your part, but the CVS
maintainers are all volunteers, we do have some idea what we are
doing, and generally we try to do the things we think are in the best
interests of CVS.



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