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RE: Perl: config-h.pl - Draft

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: Perl: config-h.pl - Draft
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 12:04:00 -0700

Hi Derek,

> From: Derek Robert Price
> I've attached a rewrite of your draft.  Mostly I removed the nesting
> handling and the useless warning I mentioned in my earlier mail and
> reformatted it to look more like it fits CVS's C coding standards.  I
> also set it up to expect to be run from the windows-NT directory since
> this is how the UNIX build file will be written.


> As near as I can tell, when run using the root config.h.in and the old
> windows-NT/config.h.in file as inputs, it generates a new config.h.in
> file which looks like a proper config.h minus the PACKAGE strings and
> a few macros in the old windows-NT/config.h.in which mkconfig.pl is
> generating proper warnings about.

I did:

        cvs update -dP
        cd window-NT
        copy config.h.in config.h.in.in

Where "test" is "test.cmd" which contains:

        @echo off
        perl mkconfig.pl

        @echo "/* This file is generated via a rule in Makefile.am from the" 
        @echo " * config.h.in file." >>config.tmp
        @echo " *" >>config.tmp
        @echo " * *** DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE DIRECTLY ***" >>config.tmp
        @echo " *" >>config.tmp
        @echo " * Edit config.h.in instead." >>config.tmp
        @echo " */" >>config.tmp

        Rem Sorry, no sed
        copy config.tmp+config.h.in config.h
        del config.tmp

The output "config.h" is attached along will compile output.

> Basically, someone now needs to go through those warnings and decide
> whether the offending #defines need to be removed or moved into the
> footer file.

Will some creative "grep" commands be sufficient?
The build breaks in "libcvs" file "lib/getline.c" inside include of
"lib/getline.h" file.

Delimitation for "ssize_t" got dropped.  I await your resolution plan.
> Cheers,


> Derek


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