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Cvswebclient installation problem..pl help

From: shaggarwal
Subject: Cvswebclient installation problem..pl help
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 15:03:44 +0530

Hi there,

I am using CVS on Windows.I am running CVSNT (server) and WinCVS (client).I have
installed cvswebclient.
My reporitory is TEST1 and is located in path C:/CVS_REPO/TEST1
Now when i access the url  "http://localhost/cvs-web/read/cvswebread.cgi",i am
able to see the Repository and the directories in it.But i am not able to see
the files and i get the following error:-

Error: Failed to spawn GNU rlog on 'C:/CVS_REPO/TEST1//RRC//aaa.sdl,v,

I have followed all instructions in the INSTALL.txt correctly.

Pl help me in solving out the error.
Has anybody installed cvswebclient on Windows?

Thanks and Regards,

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