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CVS Entries and update with -P

From: JB
Subject: CVS Entries and update with -P
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 13:20:05 GMT


Can anybody shed any light on this problem that has recently come to
light with our CVS usage?

The problem appears to happen if a directory which has been added to
the repository has no files which are in the repository, but does
contain files which are not checked in to the repository.  If I do a
"cvs update -dPA" from a higher level directory, its entry in its
parent's CVS/Entries file is removed, but the directory is not itself
deleted (it's not empty).  If a file from that directory is then added
to the repository and committed, the entry is never returned to the
parent's CVS/Entries file, even after subsequent invocations of "cvs
update -dPA".  This has the effect that even though the file itself
will get updated with committed changes if I update from a higher
level directory, it appears to be invisible to cvs tag and cvs diff
from higher directories.

I'm running cvs 1.11.4 (client) under Win XP with no CVS server (the
repository is just a mounted file system).

Any help gratefully received!

jbjb AT uk2 DOT net

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