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Re: [Fwd: Checking out filenames with : in them on windows does not wor

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Checking out filenames with : in them on windows does not work]
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 14:32:49 -0400
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I stuck bug-cvs back in the CC list.

Conrad T. Pino wrote:

>Hi Derek,
>The report says the rename fails:
>>From: f l
>>Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2004 00:23
>>Subject: Checking out filenames with : in them on windows does not work
>>Checking out filenames with : in them on windows does
>>not work (on unix probably does).
>>Unfortunately this aborts the checkout procedure, I'd
>>prefer it would skip and continue the rest (or even
>>better do name mangling for windows.
>>cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot rename file
>>_new_bootbackup-2003-07-10_19:41 to
>>bootbackup-2003-07-10_19:41: Bad address
>and proposes either (1) skip failing file and continue the checkout OR
>(2) mangle the name.
>I'd like to hear an opinion on which proposal fits with other plans.
>>From: Derek Robert Price
>>>If you have solution in mind I can try transcribing it,
>>>test it and submit a patch.
>>Not really.  You might be able to do something simple like wrapping
>>the open/rename routines - there probably are already wrappers for
>Found "rename" wrapper in "windows-NT/config.h.in.footer":
>    #define CVS_RENAME wnt_rename
>    int wnt_rename (const char *, const char *);
>Found "open" wrapper in "lib/system.h":
>    # define CVS_OPEN open
>Now what could be accomplished in the wrappers?

I was hoping there was a simpler solution, like a Windows rename
function that won't choke on files with colons in the name or perhaps
checking for colons in non-absolute filenames in the wrapper and
converting the names to absolute forms for the rename.

Not that I know that either solution would work, mind you.  I'm just

>>Sometimes for stuff like that I just keep running tests and tracing
>>the problems and fixing them until I'm done.  Especially on Windows.
>I remember you saying there's a test/regression suite and I have no
>idea on how to run it.  Can it be run on Windows?

If you have a Bourne compatible shell installed yes, though I've only
attempted to run it with the CVS compiled under Cygwin and UNIX style
paths.  I'm not sure what would be necessary to run the Win32 CVS
through the suite with Windows style paths.  If you want to look into it,



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