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Re: AW: CVS update to 1.11.17

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: AW: CVS update to 1.11.17
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 00:49:45 -0700

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Schopper Andreas <aschopper@klug-is.de> writes:

> Thank you for the quick answer. Do I have to run the 'cvs init' on
> each repository that exist?

In general, yes.

> I read that it is dangerous to do this! 

No, 'cvs init' is a safe operation. It will only
populate files that do not exist. In theory, it
would also tranform files that needed to be
upgraded, but as yet cvs has not had need of doing
that sort of thing.

> What is CVS doing after running that command on
> an existing repository?

It will ensure that if the files it expects to
exist and be controlled in the CVSROOT are not
present, that a default version of the file is
created. It will also do the 'right thing' with
regard to the creation of a CVSROOT/history and
CVSROOT/val-tags file.

You might want to just copy your repository to
some other place and do the update of the copy
and compare it with the original to see what
cvs will do for you.

The 'cvs init' command will only impact the
CVSROOT directory.

        -- Mark
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