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Re: patch: new 'cvs import -X' option.

From: Chris G. Demetriou
Subject: Re: patch: new 'cvs import -X' option.
Date: 22 Jun 2004 23:29:20 +0000
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Oh, gack.  All that and I forgot to mention:

That patch is relative to 1.12.9.  (I would have done it relative to
current CVS, but registration is a PITA.)

(If people are interested, i started by implementing this against
1.11.x, since i want to use the feature ASAP.  So, I'd be glad to
provide a patch against 1.11.x as well, if people want it.)


cgd@netbsd.org (Chris G. Demetriou) writes:
> New-feature entry for the NEWS file:
> * `cvs import' now has a new option, `-X', which causes new files to be
>   imported in a way that they appear only on the vendor branch, and do not
>   automatically appear on the main trunk.
> [ doc/ChangeLog       ]
> 2004-06-22  Chris Demetriou  <cgd@netbsd.org>
>       * cvs.texinfo (Vendor branch): Document that sometimes
>       the default branch won't be set to the vendor branch.
>       (import options): Add -X.
>       * cvsclient.texi (MT importmergecmd tag): Document that this
>       can also be used with the 'cvs import -X' command, and
>       that it can occur when there are no conflicts.
> [ src/ChangeLog       ]
> 2004-06-22  Chris Demetriou  <cgd@broadcom.com>
>       * import.c (import_usage): Add new -X flag.
>       (import): Handle new -X flag.
>       (process_import_file): Handle new -X flag.
>       (killnew): New static flag variable to indicate use of -X flag.
>       (preserve_initial_permissions): New function, extracted from
>       add_rcs_file().
>       (expand_and_copy_contents): Likewise.
>       (add_rcs_file): New argument, do_killnew, to cause "import -X" flag
>       processing.  Implement -X flag, and use newly abstracted functions.
>       * rcs.h (add_rcs_file): Update prototype for do_killnew argument.
>       * commit.c (checkaddfile): Update for add_rcs_file function change.
>       * mkmodules.c (init): Likewise.
>       * client.c (handle_mt): Handle an importmergecmd tag without
>       any conflicts (for 'import -X' support).
>       * sanity.sh (importX): New test.

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