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Re: importing file removements

From: Ilya N. Golubev
Subject: Re: importing file removements
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 17:36:21 +0400

> That's *NOT* how import is intended to work.  Release tags are intended
> to be permanent tags marking the specific release, not floating tags
> that get moved around.

Then release tag being different from any one previously existing in
history file is a requirement of `import' command.  But neither
`(cvs)import' nor `(cvs)Update imports' say this explicitly.  Perhaps
like this.

        * cvs.texinfo (import):
        (Update imports): Explicitly require import release tags to be

--- cvs.texinfo 2004/06/26 13:21:27     1.1
+++ cvs.texinfo 2004/06/26 13:35:23     1.2
@@ -7190,7 +7190,9 @@
 When a new release of the source arrives, you import it into the
 repository with the same @code{import} command that you used to set up
 the repository in the first place.  The only difference is that you
-specify a different release tag this time:
+specify a different release tag this time (if release tag previously
+existed in history file, file removement will not be detected as
+described below):
 $ tar xfz wdiff-0.05.tar.gz
@@ -10093,6 +10095,9 @@
 branch (e.g., for 1.1.1).  You must also specify at
 least one @var{releasetag} to identify the files at
 the leaves created each time you execute @code{import}.
+All release tags must be new to repository, that is, not
+previously used in history files being modified by
 @c I'm not completely sure this belongs here.  But
 @c we need to say it _somewhere_ reasonably obvious; it

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