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strictly confidential

From: Mr.Mark Bome
Subject: strictly confidential
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 14:37:56 +0800

I am Mark Bome,of Golden Peak security company.
Malaysia,the Hq and the umbrella company for most of
the security company in the west Africa.I am deeply
sorry for the rude intrusion of your privacy due to
the fact that we have not met either in person or in
the field of communication,thus i tender my unreserved
apology on the subject matter.
You might be wondering how i got your contact and why
i am contacting you,As regards your contact i obtain
it from the database of all the operations in the
friegth forwarding section to the asia and picked
intrest in you because of the nature of your
profession as well as being near to the situation on
which i want to sougth out your assistance on.
The situation on ground now that warrant urgent
attention that prompted me in contacting you is that
there is a consignment that was forwaded to one Mr
Mohammed Ibrahim Sayeed,a Malaysian national,but has not
been claim since the time of forwarding due to the
fact that the consinee at that time decided to come
over to Benin,but on getting here he learnt has
already been left and in a bid to catch up with it,he
boarded the ill fated flight that crashed on the 23
Thus the consignment has be left without any claimant
as he did not list anybody as his next of keen,and in
view of this development ,the management of the
freight forwarding services  are now on the verge of
concluding declaring the box for inspection of the
custom and exise board over there,a situation which i
want to avoid by seizing this opportunity of
presenting somebody as capable as you to come forward
in claiming the consignment,i will do all the
papperwook that will guarantee and qualify you as an
eligible person to claim this if you accept my
proposition of being in partnership on this
If you accept by giving me green light in your reply.I
will divulge the value of the content consignment to
you,and explain the procedure to you as well.The terms
and mode of the sharing of the proceed will be on
50/50 bases.In order for you to check the genuity of
this proposition.you may please contact the Zonal
operation Manager in Malaysia useing the contact
coordiate below.
contact person:Mr. Matt Hall
telephone no  :00 60163550557
Email address :goldenpeaksecurity@mail2world.com
Consignment ref.nos :CSF/BEN/MIS1203-K068(Please quote
this number during enquiry)
I will appreciate it if you can please expedite your
response  so as to enable me forward the necessary
paper that will facilitate the retriever of the box by
Thanking you in anticipation of your kind
Mark Bome.

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