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Re: Patch for CVS 1.11.17 and CVS 1.12.9 that allows for actions using s

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Patch for CVS 1.11.17 and CVS 1.12.9 that allows for actions using specific versions of CVSROOT/modules
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 15:05:27 -0400
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

> You are addressing a problem that a number of folks consider a weakness
> of the modules file.


> All that said, I have not looked closely at your patch yet (and I
> probably won't have any time in the next few weeks myself, so if one of
> the other maintainers gets to it first that would be fine with me).

I probably won't soon, but I'll add a few comments too.  :)

> I do have one comment/question for discussion...
> Would it be reasonable to extend the patch to also deal with '-D' times
> in conjunction with the -M ? So that if '-M branch' is used, then the
> branched version of the modules file is used and if -D and -M are used,
> then the version of the modules at that point in time on that branch are
> used...
> Note: A CVSROOT/modules file that was not branched or tagged will also
> need to do something reasonable given a '-M rev' flag.

I wouldn't have a problem, in fact, I'd prefer it, if the default
behavior was to assume any checkout using a tag should *assume* -M rev
with the same rev passed to -r/-j.

The same goes for -D.  CVS should assume the version of the modules
file to use corresponds to the -D argument.  I don't think I would
require the -D functionality for the initial patch, however.  Shane's
patch, given test cases and documentation and assuming -M rev as I
mentioned above, provides enough additional functionality to be
useful.  Let a later patch add the -D functionality.

In both the assumed -r rev and -D rev cases, I wouldn't have a problem
with -M rev allowing an override of the default.  Then -M HEAD could
be used to get the original behavior.

One question to consider, especially given a change of the default
behavior, would be that some users will be suprised by, say, rdiff
which accepts _two_ -r options and currently, I believe, only consults
modules once.

Thanks for the patch!  I've been thinking modules should behave that
way for years.


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