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Re: CVS Time Zone Bug

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: CVS Time Zone Bug
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2004 00:44:24 -0400
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Chris Bohn wrote:

> I can give it a try Tuesday.  When I tried building 1.12.9
> yesterday, it wouldn't build.  I have .NET 2003 installed, and it
> complained about the libcvs make file referencing
> ..\Windows-NT\un....h (I don't remember the exact file).  I have
> access to a VC 6 install, so I was going to try it.  This is the
> first time I have used the make file since it was updated to VC 6
> format, but since I used it previously, I think I was running it
> correctly (from the root directory).

Okay, if you encounter errors, please feel free to send them to the
list and CC me.  Occasionally I add macros, headers, and/or source
files on UNIX and they don't get included correctly on Windows until
someone notices and complains.  Once I see the error message I can
usually remember which files I added recently which might be causing
the problem, at which point the fix is usually a one or two liner.

> I'm running Windows XP Pro, so I was using NTFS when I had this
> problem, so I'm not sure what you said is accurate as to the fix
> (fixing NTFS). One thing I did notice from my limited testing is
> that it only seems to be a problem in cvs\entries.  A cvs log on the
> file shows the correct times.  What I didn't test was what would
> happen once DST changes again to know if cvs log still shows the
> correct time.

Maybe I fixed it on Fat32 and not NTFS?  Maybe I missed the point
entirely?  Anyhow, the code I added now purports to deal with the
problem correctly.



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