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Re: CVS Feature Branch - Windows Build Broken 4-Sep-2004

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: CVS Feature Branch - Windows Build Broken 4-Sep-2004
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2004 23:33:28 -0400
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

> Hi Derek,
> I have committed a fix for a few of the problems that Conrad indicated
> and one that I found when the server is compiled or not using the
> various ENCRYPTION HAVE_KERBEROS HAVE_GSSAPI options it breaks some of
> the writeproxy-noredirect tests (eg, default builds on FreeBSD and
> Solaris do not have Gssapi-authenticate).

I rewrote one or two of your fixes and silenced a few of `gcc -Wall's
other complaints as well.

> Outstanding issues include:
>  errors:
>   - use of unprotected fcntl() calls in buffer.c(2032,2041)
>   - unknown O_NONBLOCK macro use in buffer.c(2037,2039)

Does this stuff go away with TRUST_OS_FILE_CACHE defined to 1?

>   - for loop construct problem in log-buffer.c(174)

Got this one.

>   - buf_initialize called with too few arguments in socket-client.c(97)

Oooh.  I could add the initial 0, 0.  The get_fd() function won't mean
anything for NO_SOCKET_TO_FD...  but there's also no server on windows
so get_fd() should never be called...

Okay, I committed a possible fix.

>  warnings:
>   - exithandle.c(47) signals_register vs void function pointers for
> atext().
>   - client.c(3359) incompatible types 'struct sockaddr_in *' vs
>     'const struct sockaddr *'
> It may make sense to test for fcntl existing and protect calls with
> HAVE_FCNTL in configure...

That may have some other implications, but OK.

> It will probably turn out to be necessary to #define TRUST_OS_FILE_CACHE
> for windows-NT.

Fair enough.  That's the default on other platforms.

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