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Re: cvs -n update -jtag1 -jtag2 modified-local-file == protocol error

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: cvs -n update -jtag1 -jtag2 modified-local-file == protocol error
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 19:28:11 -0700

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Mark D. Baushke <mdb@cvshome.org> writes:

> The attached test case shows up to edge conditions for a
> 'cvs -n update -jtag1 -jtag2 filename' command in remote mode.
> (There are problems both when the filename is not modified and when the
> filename is modified locally.)
> btw: running 'sh sanity.sh -r /path/to/cvs join7' will also yeild three
> files in $TESTDIR/tmp at the end of this run, which means that a
>     FAIL: Found cvsXXXXXX temp files in /tmp/cvs-sanity/tmp.
> message will be generated when join7 is run in this manner as long
> as the protocol error remains.
> I consider the bigger problem being the protocol error in the join7-6
> test and I am not sure why it is happening. Folks with a deeper
> understanding of this code pleaes feel free to point out the obvious to
> me...

I finally found the missing call to buf_send_counted() in server_updated()
and fixed it.

The problem of an unmodified file getting a 

    "No such file or directory" 

error during the merge still exists. The new join7-6 test case does a
'skip' instead of a 'dotest' for the remote case of this. If anyone
wants to work on the problem, there will be no need to special case the
join7-6 any longer. The $remote join7-6 test is being skipped because it
does still leave three files in the /tmp/cvs-sanity/tmp directory.

        -- Mark
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