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bug: $Name$ keyword causes "checksum failure" error

From: David Carson
Subject: bug: $Name$ keyword causes "checksum failure" error
Date: 8 Sep 2004 12:54:06 -0700

This is very easy to reproduce.  I am using 1.11.16 for client and

Steps to reproduce:
- create a file, kilroy.c; include the keyword $Name$ in the text
- tag file with branchA and checkout working copy A on this branch
- tag file with branchB and checkout another working copy B
- modify branchB copy and commit
- in A, do 'cvs update -rbranchB' 

This will produce the never-should-happen error:
  cvs update: checksum failure after patch...; will refetch

Does this somehow relate to the fact that $Name$ expansion on "update
-r" does not always occur?  It occurs if the file requires a patch to
move to the new branch, but does not occur if the file does not
otherwise require a patch.


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