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Using WEBDAV mount as sandbox for CVS

From: Manjoine, Chris
Subject: Using WEBDAV mount as sandbox for CVS
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 10:21:31 -0500

I am working off a webdav mount for testing of changes to my code.

I have the repository set up, but can not get the cvs to checkout the
files from the repository to the webdav mount.


I use the web dav mount to test the code on a web server, which i can
not run on my coding system


I can get checkout to work quite fine on the local disk .eg.


But it will not checkout to a webdav mount e.g.


Is there some serious incompatibility between WEBDAV and CVS? Would I
run into the same problem if I use SAMBA?


I am using the most current stable of CVS


The error I am getting is:


Cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot get working directory: No such file or


I said it is not a problem with the CVSROOT path as it works fine to the
local disk. Only when I try and checkout to the WEBDAV mount, so it is
not the bug with the '/' at the end of cvsroot


Any help would be appreciated





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