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Re: advisory locks patch

From: Paul Gelderblom (ptok)
Subject: Re: advisory locks patch
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 21:01:47 +0200

> I've completely rewritten the patch.  I really didn't like overloading
> and parsing M responses (user messages) from the server when we have
> control of the client/server protocol.  The basic functionality is still
> the same, except that now failed edits will not block an entire command
> but will only cause a single file to be skipped with a warning.

Does this re-write of the protocol also imply incompatibility with other
that implement the "Noel Yap" version of the patch?
That might mean that we loose compatibility with cvsnt-based clients.
wincvs and TortoiseCvs).

Paul Gelderblom

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