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CVS patch submission: how?

From: Martin Neitzel
Subject: CVS patch submission: how?
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 18:55:45 GMT

Should I submit cvs patches (bug fixes) through the Issue Tracker
at cvshome.org or post to this gnu.cvs.bug newsgroup?

I am tracking cvs with cvs itself and have a few small patches (all
just bug fixes).  Patch-submission through the bug mailing list proper
requires its subscription.  Due to the high spam level on the list
I had to unsubscribe a long time ago.  I just reviewed the archive and the
situation has apparently not improved in the meantime.  That's why
I am asking about the alternatives.

If it's any help:  I'd be willing to volunteer as a spam-filtering

                                                Martin Neitzel

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