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[cvsnt+openssh+tortoisecvs] can get full checkout without valid cvs user

From: Rogier E.
Subject: [cvsnt+openssh+tortoisecvs] can get full checkout without valid cvs user or pasw?
Date: 8 Oct 2004 04:31:26 -0700

Hi, I've got something strange with CvsNT + OpenSSH and TortoiseCVS
(both server and client machines run windows 2000). I have setup the
cvs server with cvsnt 2.0.58 and OpenSSH 3.8p1-1. For CVS I have
created a windows user named "CvsNtUser", and for SSH a user
"OpenSshUser", both with Guest rights (that is: member of Guests
group) and different passwords.

The passwd file in my CvsRepositories' CVSROOT dir contains only one
line: JohnDoe:*******zIb4wc:CvsNtUser (meaning there is only 1 cvs
user named "JohnDoe" which uses CvsNtUser's system rights, his
password is different from the two windows users' passwords). The cvs
server is running on a non-standard port.

Similarly, I have added a passwd entry for in the OpenSSH\etc dir
OpenSshUser by doing "mkpasswd -l -u OpenSshUser >> ..\etc\passwd"

I can login with SSH (using PuTTy 0.55) with the OpenSshUser account.
I can also get a CVS checkout (not using SSH) with TortoiseCVS 1.8.0
using the :pserver: protocol, server IP and CVS port, and username
JohnDoe. When doing the checkout I have to fill in JohnDoe's password.
So far so good.

But now the strange thing: when trying to checkout through SSH, I
select the :ext: protocol, for server I fill in the saved PuTTy
session (which contain the server's IP and SSH port), leave the port
field empty (in tortoise), and username OpenSshUser. TortoiseCVS asks
for the password for OpenSshUser@cvsserver, I fill in the password
(that is, the windows user password for "OpenSshUser"), and I get all
the sources as well!

What troubles me: how can I get the sources without specifying the cvs
user name (JohnDoe) and password, nor the port on which cvsnt is

I also tried changing & committing a file, and the history says the
author is OpenSshUser, which isn't a known CVS user at all. Am I
missing something or is this not the way things are meant to work?

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