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Re: CVS Feature Branch - version - cannot write to stdout

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: CVS Feature Branch - version - cannot write to stdout
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004 12:25:50 -0700

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Hi Conrad,

The error is arising from handle_m() in client.c The value of the select
is either 0 (this should not happen as we are not specifing a timeout)
which means that the select() timed-out or -1 which means that there
were no ready descriptors.

I have known of problems with SSH that had some interoperability issues
which is what I originally suspected when I saw your message. However,
if you are using :pserver:, then I would not have expected that kind of

The 'No error' means that errno == 0 after the select() call.

Looking here:


I see that it may be possible to get more information if we examine the
SOCKET_ERROR and that WSAGetLastError may be used to find the most
recent socket error.

If you modify the handle_m() function to grok the Windows way to get
more information and print it, something like this:

static void
handle_m (char *args, int len)
    fd_set wfds;
    int s;

    /* In the case where stdout and stderr point to the same place,
       fflushing stderr will make output happen in the correct order.
       Often stderr will be line-buffered and this won't be needed,
       but not always (is that true?  I think the comment is probably
       based on being confused between default buffering between
       stdout and stderr.  But I'm not sure).  */
    fflush (stderr);
    FD_ZERO (&wfds);
    FD_SET (STDOUT_FILENO, &wfds);
    s = select (STDOUT_FILENO+1, NULL, &wfds, NULL, NULL);
    if (s < 1)
        int sockerr = WSAGetLastError();
        const char *msg = "unknown";
        perror ("cannot write to stdout");
        switch (sockerr)
            case WSANOTINITIALISED:
                msg = "WSANOTINITIALISED";
            case WSAEFAULT:
                msg = "WSAEFAULT";
            case WSAENETDOWN:
                msg = "WSAENETDOWN";
            case WSAEINVAL:
                msg = "WSAEINVAL";
            case WSAEINTR:
                msg = "WSAENETDOWN";
            case WSAEINPROGRESS:
                msg = "WSAEINPROGRESS";
            case WSAENOTSOCK:
                msg = "WSAENOTSOCK";
        printf(stderr, "WSAGetLastError == %s\n", msg);
    fwrite (args, len, sizeof (*args), stdout);
    putc ('\n', stdout);

we may have a better idea of what is happening that needs to be changed.

        -- Mark

Conrad T. Pino <Conrad@pino.com> writes:

> Hi Mark,
> > From: Mark D. Baushke
> > 
> > Hi Conrad,
> > 
> > Could you provide a bit more information? 
> Yes I'd be glad to do so.
> > Which client/server protocol are you using? 
> > 
> >   * :ext: over ssh
> >   * :ext: over rsh
> >   * :pserver: tunneled over ssh
> >   * :pserver:
> Simple ":pserver:" to a host on my LAN.
> > I presume that the client is a Windows cvs top-of-tree and that the
> > server is a vanilla cvs 1.11.17 cvs distribution.
> Client: Yes, top of tree it is.
> Server: Yes, it the vanilla cvs 1.11.17 distribution built from source
> on the target platform (Solaris 8 Intel Edition).
> > Do you happen to know the OS of the server?
> Solaris 8 Intel Edition.
> > For myself, using FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE as the server OS and FreeBSD
> > 4.2-RELEASE as the client OS, :ext: over ssh, I get the following:
> > 
> > bash$ ./cvs version
> > Client: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) (client/server)
> > Server: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.17 (client/server)
> > bash$ 
> My first example was with my local server via plain ":pserver:".
> > Using FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE as the client OS, and cvshome.org as the
> > server, :pserver: tunneled over ssh, I get the following:
> > 
> > bash$ ./cvs version
> > Client: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) (client/server)
> > Server: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.15-scast-vc-1.5.2 
> > (client/server)
> > bash$
> Here's the example with cvshome.org via ":pserver:" SSH tunnel:
>       H:\cvs-1.12>WinDebug\cvs version
>       Client: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) (client)
>       Server: cannot write to stdout: No error
>       Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.15-scast-vc-1.5.2 (client/server)
>       H:\cvs-1.12>
> > I do not happen to have any Windows clients to use for testing...
> Could you make constructive use of Windows 2000 Server platform accessible
> remotely via SSH tunneled telnet?
> >     -- Mark
> Conrad
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