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Re: CVS_Download

From: Wolfgang Loch
Subject: Re: CVS_Download
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 19:25:04 +0200

... I don't know which one is CVS (a setup.exe or  *.exe
for installing CVS on my computer)

You might try reading the README file (and README.binaries, too).

I agree with Mitra. For novice users it is still hard to find the package they need. Most likely they will need the file cvs-1-11-17.zip and probably also cederqvist-1.11.17.pdf. IMHO these two files should be the first thing you see on the "Documents & files" page.

The README.binaries does not at all help locating these files. The included instructions like "$ bzip2 -d cvs.*.bz2" are not applicable for this user asking for setup.exe (who is probably using a Windows OS).


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