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From: Mr . Harry Daniels
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 18:47:39 +0200

Attn: MD/CEO  

I humbly wish to seek your assistance in a matter that is very important and 
needs utmost trust and confidence, I am Mr. Harry DanielS a close confidant of 
one of the most powerful families in Liberia. The wife of top Government 
official and an oil magnate,who is curently in exile,wishes to move out the 
country some funds and large quantities of diamond, she wishes to invest the 
aforementioned sum in viable investment overseas. 

For obvious reasons, my client does not want to place this fund with 
established financial institution in the families name for security reasons. It 
is her desire that the deal be handled as quietly as possible without 
possibility of any leakage to the public or government. She has therefore 
empowered me to find and negotiate for and interested foreign firm/Individual 
with which we can use their name to move this money from here, and assist to 
invest the fund properly for the family. 

If you agree to act as a fund manager for my client, I shall authorize the 
release the total sum  to you, if you meet my requirements. The money is 
available safe with a private security company coded in a secret name, so upon 
a favourable response from you, I shall let you know how you will receive it. 
Note that your commission shall be 10%.

Please respond as soon as you receive if willing and capable to handle this 
transaction . In any case, please keep it tight secret. 

Best regards, 

Mr. Harry Daniels.
Daniels & associates
1812 Marina Drive,
Lagos Island.

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