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Business Opportunity for  asiafriendfinder.com

From: Jaime Berkely
Subject: Business Opportunity for  asiafriendfinder.com
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 15:23:22 -0500


If I understand correctly, part of your responsibilities there at
 asiafriendfinder.com is to find and evaluate the 
best possible business opportunities for your company.

Based on this, I believe that you might want to take a look at what we
offer through our 
http://SexInTheCity.com affiliate program.

A.    Payments are guaranteed and processed by iBill.com, a pioneer in
e-commerce solutions.  
Ibill has successfully processed over $2.0 billion in online subscriptions
representing tens of 
millions of consumer transactions.

B.    You will earn a 70% commission for every member who purchases a
membership from our 
site through your link. We will take care of the subscription processing,
approval and billing. 

C.    Additionally you will receive a recurring 30% commission for the
referred member on all 
future monthly fees.
D.    State of the art tracking system featuring real time stats.

F.    Prompt payouts, big incentives, and great affiliate staff that can
be reached via phone seven 
days a week.

I encourage you to take a look at our site, http://SexInTheCity.com .  If
this of interest or you would 
like more information please give me a call or shoot me an
email.  If by any chance, my contact information is incorrect, please let
me know and I will not 
contact you again.

Best Regards,
Jaime Berkely

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