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CVS spelling mistakes

From: Mario J. Lia
Subject: CVS spelling mistakes
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 19:28:07 -0500
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I found some spelling mistakes in the CVS manual.

In the sub-section "CVS is not a build system" under "What CVS is not", it says:
"...generating the depencies which..."
"depencies" should be "dependences"

In section "Creating Files From Other Version Control Systems" under the
subsection "From RCS" it says:
"...go directly in the appopriate directory..."
"appopriate" should be "appropriate"

In the section "Multiple Developers" it says:
"...facilitate various kinds of communcation, without...."
"communcation" should be "communication"

A few lines below where it talks about the "cvs watch remove" command, it says:
"...contain a single ocurrence of `%s' which will...."
"ocurrence" should be "occurrence"

A few lines below where it talks about the "cvs unedit [-l]" command, it says:
"...is unable to succesfully communicate with the..."
"succesfully" should be "successfully"

In the section where it talks about CVS command options, in the paragraph about
the -W switch, it says:
"....Avaliable with the following..."
"Avaliable" should be "Available"

Take care,

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