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Re: CVS Feature Version 1.12.11 Released!

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: CVS Feature Version 1.12.11 Released!
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 15:49:15 -0500
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Jim.Hyslop wrote:

>Derek Robert Price wrote:
>>Feature CVS 1.12.11 has been released.
>This is a good opportunity for me to re-ask the question which I
posed about
>two weeks ago - is there any roadmap when 1.12 will become the "stable"
>version 1.13? "Fuzzy" answers like "sometime soon", "it'll be a while
>or "No idea" are acceptable ;=)

I was originally shooting for an RC release in early November with a
stable 1.12 by the end of first quarter 2005, but that schedule has
slipped slightly, as you might surmise, and I'd yet to discuss this
plan with the other CVS developers, for lack of time on my own part,
so they (and anybody else) should feel free to jump in at me now.  :)

Here are the issues I have bothered to track lately and would still
like to see fixed before 1.12.x becomes stable:

   1. Zlib compatibility issue.  Apparently some CVS clients using
      older zlib libraries compress data in such a way that CVS
      1.12.10+ can no longer decompress it.  Problems have been
      reported with MacCVSClient & SmartCVS (a Java client).  A CVS
      1.11.18 client talking to a 1.12.11 server does not have this
      problem.  The MacCVSClient reporter claimed to have linked
      MacCVSClient with ZLib 1.2.1, as CVS 1.12.x is using, and still
      encountered the problem.  I have not gotten any farther than
      confirming that the example data stream the reporter sent (it's
      attached to the issue:
      <https://ccvs.cvshome.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=215>) makes
      sense to a 1.11.18 server and not a 1.12.11 server.  I'd like
      this fixed before we go to RC.  I'd also like to add a new
      CVSROOT/config option to restrict CVS clients to certain
      compression levels from the server side.
   2. Fix UTF-8 diff --side-by-side issue.
   3. Incorporate a few new GNULIB updates.

I think most of my other major issues, like core dumps on `cvs ls',
have been resolved.  Most of the rest of the items on my personal list
are features than can wait for the next feature series.

Feeling enlightened?  Feeling motivated?  :)



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