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Need your product Profile, from USA

From: Nousparler Trade
Subject: Need your product Profile, from USA
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 13:31:25 -0800

To: Sales Dept.
From: NousParler Trade, U.S.A

We're sorry to bother you with this message, but
we've got your name from KOTRA and need your product
information for our buyers, that's if you have any
products you want to sell overseas. - This is a free service.

Our network of buyers kept asking many questions regarding broader
market research and we felt that contacting you directly
would be the best way to pursue.   This is a chance to advertise
your products to more than 12,000 worldwide importers.

NousParler researches key potential markets. 
This includes defining the countries or regions where opportunity
exists, keeping abreast of government regulations in that region
investigation requirements of end-users, and locating and analyzing 
other distributors. 
NousParler acts as the direct contact with foreign buyers. 
We make several foreign trips each year to promote the products 
of NousParler's supplier companies. We establish and develop essential
personal contacts, distribute literature and samples on your company's
behalf when we travel abroad. In addition, NousParler fully monitors 
and manages distributors and agents. 

We also help financing, trading, int'l job and other matters that
rise while transactions, and we need your help by providing us your
scope of the product as below;

1. Company Name:
2. Contact Email:
3. Contact Person:
4. Country:
5. Product description:

After we receive the scope by eamil, we'll direct you to our
website to see your products and the responses from our buyers.
If you already submitted your product profile, please disregard
this message.

Thanks and sincerely,

Erik A'gusta
Nous Parler Trade, USA

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