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Waiting for your positive response URGENTLY

From: nanaegu
Subject: Waiting for your positive response URGENTLY
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 17:05:16 -0500



Do not be perplexed by this mail. It's all about
soliciting your attention to transfer the sum of
{$26Million USD}, and {$6M.USD} will be transferred
first after a solid agreement between us.
As an Auditor General (AG), an equivalent of
American Certified Public Accountant {C.P.A} and the
personal account officer to the deceased, I believe
that we can do this business without any hitches, if
only you will 
be trusted and then follow simple instructions for a
smooth success of the business.
I have a solid master plan/arrangements on how best
to actualize this objective. So, I am not trying to
experiment with a transaction of this nature and
magnitude, for such an opportunity will not/never
ever come my way again in my lifetime.
My fear now is if this money will be safe in your
hand/custody pending my physical arrival in your
country for sharing and investments.
You can provide either an existing bank account or
set up a new bank a/c immediately to receive this
money. Even an empty a/c without any money in it can
serve to receive this money, as long as you will
remain honest to me till the end of this important
business, trusting in you that you 
will never let me down either now or in future.
If we agree and never to disagree, you will stand to
get 35%, 5% for local and International expenses
incurred by both parties on the course of the
transfer,while the balance of 60% will be for me.
Note: The owner of this account is Mr. Howard
Sweeney, a foreigner and a miner.He made millions of
dollars before he died misteriously .Since 1993 
no other person knows about this account or any
thing concerning it. My investigation proved to me
that the account has no other beneficiary and that
Mr. Howard Sweeney until his death was the manager
Sweeney Coy.(pty). SA. The deceased died without
oral or written "WILL" and without any "HEIR". The
deceased is a foreigner and because he is a
foreigner, this fund cannot be released to an
indegene here or an indigenous
So it is based on this that you are contacted.
As you know INHERITANCE is not a crime all over the
world,but may be a crime only when you did not
follow the Rules of the International Law of
Inheritance. In this transaction we shall follow
strictly all the rules of
the International Law of Inheritance and obtain all
the necessary transaction documents from the
appropriate authorities to prove that the
inheritance/fund is genuine.
Waiting for your positive response URGENTLY.
Best Regards,
Mr.Nana Egu

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