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Re: "Dying gasps received from client." with CVS 1.12.11

From: gnu-cvs
Subject: Re: "Dying gasps received from client." with CVS 1.12.11
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 23:16:18 +0100
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Thanks for the information, what caused the problem. But how to avoid or work around it? As already said, version 1.12.9 works without problems.

BTW, where can I find a document, that shows which requests/responses need to be adapted at client-side for the incompatible relative-paths-change in version 1.12.10 ("The CVS server now sends paths to files relative to the repository.")?

Best regards,
Thomas Singer

Mark D. Baushke schrieb:
gnu-cvs@regnis.de writes:


Because of incompatible changes in GNU CVS 1.12.10 I need to make
SmartCVS compatible again with GNU CVS >= 1.12.10.

For that, I've fetched the sources of GNU CVS 1.12.11 and built them
on my local Knoppix system. Then I took the 'cvs' from the 'src'
directory and uploaded it to our CVS/SSH server renaming it to
'cvs-1.12.11' and placing it in /usr/bin, where the normal GNU CVS
1.12.9's 'cvs' already lifes.

Instead of calling 'cvs server' as the SSH-command, I now call
'cvs-1.12.11 server' instead. But for some mysterious reason, I get
following error back:

  cvs-1.12.11 server: Dying gasps received from client.

The source of that error is server.c when the client is sending more
information and the server believes that all transactions are complete.
See src/server.c near the end of the server() function for the context.

I've googled a little bit, but could not find anything about that
error. Is it possible, that uploading a binary is not enough for an

No, it should be enough.

        -- Mark

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