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some files are missed in importing

From: root
Subject: some files are missed in importing
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 13:24:06 +0900

platform: Fedora Core 2

CVS Version: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.15 (client/server)

When I typed this command, some important files are missed.

#cvs import -ko -I ! -m "source" v2.2.1_final test first | grep ^I > 

#cat log
I netsnmp/sedscript
I netsnmp/net-snmp-config
I netsnmp/config.status
I netsnmp/net-snmp-config-x
I netsnmp/configure-summary
I netsnmp/CVS
I netsnmp/libtool
I netsnmp/Makefile
I netsnmp/config.log
I netsnmp/EXAMPLE.conf
I netsnmp/local/CVS
I netsnmp/local/snmpconf.dir/CVS
I netsnmp/local/snmpconf.dir/snmpd-data/CVS
I netsnmp/local/snmpconf.dir/snmptrapd-data/CVS
I netsnmp/local/snmpconf.dir/snmp-data/CVS
I netsnmp/run-needs/CVS
I netsnmp/ov/CVS
I netsnmp/ov/bitmaps/CVS
I netsnmp/build/CVS
I netsnmp/build/sbin/CVS
I netsnmp/build/etc/CVS
I netsnmp/build/lib/CVS

what should I do to solve this problem?

Huan Chul, Lee (ario7@netvisiontel.co.kr)

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