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Re: FW: Patch for preserving edit on files when checking out

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: FW: Patch for preserving edit on files when checking out
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 13:13:47 -0400
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Darren Bowles wrote:

> I've had a few people asking me for my patch, so maybe the previous
> one never made it to the list; I know I had attachment problems
> before.
> Please find enclosed the patch (as text) from the previous email.

Patches will not be accepted without accompanying test cases (when
possible) and documentation (when necessary).  Also, please send
patches in universal  (`cvs diff -u') or context (`cvs diff -c')
format.  I prefer the universal format, myself.  Please see the
`HACKING', `DEVEL-CVS', and `TESTS' files distributed with CVS for more.

I don't think documentation will be necessary in your case, since I
think you are making `cvs edit' behave as a naive user would expect it
to and I don't believe the current (broken) behavior is documented,
but it might be worth giving the `cvs edit' sections a once-over to
verify that the broken behavior is not documented.  The source for the
manual is in doc/cvs.texinfo.

Tests will be necessary for this patch.  We need something that
demonstrates the problem when run with a current CVS and passes with
your patched version.  Tests should be added to the src/sanity.sh
script.  Please see the `TESTS' file distributed with CVS for more.



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