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Re: Patch for preserving edit on files when checking out

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: Patch for preserving edit on files when checking out
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 16:23:03 -0400
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You really don't need to send things twice to this mailing list.
PLEASE allow up to 24 hours before you assume there is a problem in
the mailing system.  Sometimes mail gets delayed waiting for the
automated spam filter when there is other heavy traffic on the system,
and in a case like yours, where you are not subscribed to the list
being posted to, the mail has to wait for an actual human to look at
it and flag it as not spam.  That tends to happen about once a day and
less frequently on weekends.

Darren Bowles wrote:

> Please find attached my cvs patch, with test added to sanity.sh.
> As requested, the format is cvs diff -u

The patch itself looks pretty good, other than needing some cleanup.
It apears to include a few unrelated whitespace changes, one in an
otherwise unrelated file (main.c).  Also, your change to configure.in
appears four or five times, though it probably still works.  You also
do not need to include changes to generated files, for instance:
configure, Makefile.in, etc.

That said, it looks like it will probably work as Darren specified,
but I am left with a few general discussion questions:

Edits are not attached to a particular workspace.  Neither is there a
ref count.  Perhaps a general solution would maintain an edit ref
count so that something like "cvs co proj; cvs edit proj/file; cvs co
- -d proj-new proj; cvs edit proj-new/file; cvs unedit proj/file"
doesn't remove the edit in the proj -new directory.

I'm not sure I should commit Darren's change until we can answer this
question, though, on the other hand, I am almost certain Darren's
change is a step in the right direction.  It certainly doesn't make
things any worse.  Any other opinions?



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