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Re: Patch for preserving edit on files when checking out

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Patch for preserving edit on files when checking out
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 23:00:26 -0700

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Derek Price <derek@ximbiot.com> writes:

> Darren Bowles wrote:
> > Please find attached my cvs patch, with test added to sanity.sh.
> >
> > As requested, the format is cvs diff -u
> That said, it looks like it will probably work as Darren specified,
> but I am left with a few general discussion questions:
> Edits are not attached to a particular workspace.  Neither is there a
> ref count.  Perhaps a general solution would maintain an edit ref
> count so that something like "cvs co proj; cvs edit proj/file; cvs co
> -d proj-new proj; cvs edit proj-new/file; cvs unedit proj/file"
> doesn't remove the edit in the proj -new directory.

Hmmm... that seems rather complicated.

> I'm not sure I should commit Darren's change until we can answer this
> question, though, on the other hand, I am almost certain Darren's
> change is a step in the right direction.  It certainly doesn't make
> things any worse.  Any other opinions?

I have no fundamental objections to Darren's change, but I am also
interested in hearing opinions on the matter.

Out of curiosity, can someone tell us if CVSNT has solved this problem

        -- Mark
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