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Re: Patch for making CommitID configurable

From: Peter Backes
Subject: Re: Patch for making CommitID configurable
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 16:25:19 +0200


On 21 Apr 2005 at 10:02, Derek Price wrote:

> I really want to make this the default behavior, even after an
> upgrade.  Would this do the trick for you?

What do you mean exactly?  new->use_commit_id = true instead of 
false, i.e. have commit IDs written even for old repositories after 
an update?  I'd not recommend this.  It violates the principle of 
least astonishment (like the current solution).  However, at least it 
was better than the current situation.  

BTW, I forgot to mention the patch also reverts the change in format 
of cvs log (it erroneously appended ';' sometimes) back to how it was 
before.  This was introduced silently in 1.12.12 and was not noticed 
because sanity.sh was changed accordingly.  

Also ChangeLog entry is probably missing some files I changed.  I was 
in a hurry, sorry ...  

There's a suspected bug in cvs which fails reading (resp initializing 
if config file not found) 'config' for :fork: repositories, see the 
XXX comment.  Should be triggered if preserve permissions is turned 
on, in init-1 in remotecheck, but I didn't verify that. 

Peter 'Rattacresh' Backes, rtc@helen.PLASMA.Xg8.DE

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