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RE: Patch for making CommitID configurable

From: Peter Backes
Subject: RE: Patch for making CommitID configurable
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 17:43:28 +0200


On 27 Apr 2005 at 11:23, Jim.Hyslop wrote:

> Peter, it is clear that you and I have fundamentally different, and
> probably irreconcilable, approaches and philosophies on software
> development. These differences are extremely unlikely to be resolved in
> this forum. 

I know, and this is the reason why I made the patch so everyone can 
decide if he wants to use the current CommitID implementation or not. 
I have yet to see an argumentation which shows me why my patch is not 
appropriate.  Any arguments to far were for CommitID, not against an 
option by which it can be turned on or off in CVSROOT/config.

So let me repeat again, in case you got it wrong.  The patch I sent 
does not remove CommitID, it adds an option by which it can be 

At least you seem to be luckier than me with your philosophy, as you 
must be very happy with all the software that is being written today 
just according to these.

Peter 'Rattacresh' Backes, rtc@helen.PLASMA.Xg8.DE

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