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Re: Build CVS (TRUNK) failed.

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Build CVS (TRUNK) failed.
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 15:49:17 -0400
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:
Hi Jim,

Okay. Thanks for the clue. I have committed the patch given after my
.signature in hopes that it will be closer.

I think your patch still had some problems. I believe you need to quote
file names that contain a "-" character, the dep file for dup-safer
needed to make note of a few other files and the libcvs.mak needed to
learn how to build both dup-safer.obj as well as fd-safer.obj

Well, it did compile OK without the quoting, on my machine. Quoting certainly can't hurt, though.


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