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Re: Feature Branch Windows Build Broken - lib/glob.c & WINDOWS32

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: Feature Branch Windows Build Broken - lib/glob.c & WINDOWS32
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 12:43:33 -0400
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Conrad T. Pino wrote:

>Yes, the Windows build completes.  Can you explain what "home_dir" value
>will be in the "WINDOWS32" undefined logic?

It looks like it would call, basically, getpwnam (getlogin()).  There
are substitutes for both in windows-NT/pwd.c, though it doesn't look
like they are doing much useful.

>How about defining "WINDOWS32" and using the patch below?

Maybe this would be preferable.  This would enable some of the [a-z]:/
swithcing other places in the file as well.  Of course, it's possible
much of that could be abstracted out using the FILE_SYSTEM_PREFIX_LEN &
ISSLASH macros.

My feeling is that it might be nice to move as much of your patch as
possible into pwd.c, abstract out as much of the drive letter prefix
stuff as possible into the aformentioned macros, skip defining
WINDOWS32, and see how things look, but it might be a bit of work.  If
you'd rather take the easy way out, I won't argue, but the former might
inadvertantly fix a few other hitherto unnoticed or ignored bugs on Windows.

>>Is it too much to hope for that Windows has <dirent.h> and implements
>>the readdir() family of functions and defining HAVE_DIRENT_H would be
>>enough here?
>Yes, that's entirely too much to hope for.  The Windows build fakes an
>"ndir.h" implementation in the "windows-NT" director and I committed a
>patch to "lib/glob_.h" that supports the "ndir.h" flavor.
>The #if logic was cut from "lib/glob.c" lines 53 through 71 with the
>extras discarded.  My patch is a quick hack.  I would appreciate it if
>you choose to make improvements.

No, I think what you did is fine, at least until more than one #ifdef is
needed.  The version in glob.c is nice for making the rest of the
dirent/direct switching pretty transparent, but it's not needed yet.

>Index: lib/glob.c
>RCS file: /cvs/ccvs/lib/glob.c,v
>retrieving revision 1.15
>diff -u -p -r1.15 glob.c
>--- lib/glob.c 25 May 2005 20:23:38 -0000      1.15
>+++ lib/glob.c 26 May 2005 10:57:36 -0000
>@@ -524,8 +525,45 @@ glob (const char *pattern, int flags,
>           home_dir = "SYS:";
> # else
> #  ifdef WINDOWS32
>+        /* Windows doesn't set HOME, honor it if user sets it */
>         if (home_dir == NULL || home_dir[0] == '\0')
>-            home_dir = "c:/users/default"; /* poor default */
>+        {
>+                /* Windows sets USERPROFILE like UNIX sets HOME */
>+                home_dir = getenv( "USERPROFILE" );
>+        }
>+        if (home_dir == NULL || home_dir[0] == '\0')
>+        {
>+                /* Windows sets APPDATA to "$USERPROFILE/Application Data" */
>+                home_dir = getenv( "APPDATA" );
>+        }

Do you really expect this to be set if %USERPROFILE% is not?  It depends
on it...

>+        if (home_dir == NULL || home_dir[0] == '\0')
>+        {
>+                /* Windows sets ALLUSERSPROFILE to "$USERPROFILE/../All 
>Users" */
>+                home_dir = getenv( "ALLUSERSPROFILE" );
>+        }

Does this really depend on %USERPROFILE% too or is this just your
shorthand to refer to the user-profile directory?

>+        if (home_dir == NULL || home_dir[0] == '\0')
>+        {
>+                /* Windows sets SystemRoot to installation value typically
>+                       C:/WinNT but frequently C:/Windows */
>+                /* This may be a bad idea but it's an alternative to the root 
>+                home_dir = getenv( "SystemRoot" );
>+        }

I'm not sure how I feel about using SystemRoot as a fallback for ~ or
~username...  sounds unintuitive and possibly dangerous.

>+        if (home_dir == NULL || home_dir[0] == '\0')
>+        {
>+                /*    "$SystemDrive/users" is Windows NT 4 specific
>+                              NEW INSTALLS of Windows 2000 and later use
>+                              "$SystemDrive/Documents and Settings"
>+                              UPGRADES use previous location
>+                              The default user profile can't be found with an 
>+                              variable.  It's location is in the Windows 
>+                              The SystemDrive environment variable is an 
>+                              */
>+                home_dir = "c:/users/default"; /* poor default */
>+        }

CVS already uses %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMPATH% on windows (set automatically for
a long time on NT and carried through to XP), which sounds like another
good possibility.  I think it might predate %USERPROFILE%, so
%USERPROFILE% should probably be checked first.  It might be nice to
roll this all together into one place, like the pwd.c stuff, to avoid
having different portions of hte program do different things on Windows
with respect to $HOME.  Then the get_homedir() function from
windows-NT/filesubr.c should just check %HOME% then make the getpwname
(getlogin()) call.



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