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Module "run.c" Interface Standardized - Feature To Stable Branch

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: Module "run.c" Interface Standardized - Feature To Stable Branch
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 02:26:05 -0700

Hi All,

Derek modified "src/run.c" and prototypes in "src/cvs.h"
on both feature and stable branches which broke the:

        stable Windows build
        stable OS/2 build

        feature Windows build
        feature OS/2 build

To simplify maintaining the Windows build I standardized
the "run.c" interface by cloning the feature implementation
into the stable branch.  The "run.c" interface for the "os2",
"src" and "windows-NT" for both feature and stable are now
identical with the exception of "run_arg" which was removed
from feature and is implemented as a macro on stable.  The
removal of "run_arg" from stable is trivial and probably
pointless so I leave that for others to decide.

I committed "windows-NT/src.c" on feature and stable to fix
the Windows build by implementing a fix on feature which I
cloned to stable.  The feature and stable versions differ by
only 1 line as of this writing.

I committed "os2/run.c" and "src/run.c" on stable to complete
the stable interface standardization.  The Solaris 8 Intel
build on stable branch builds after the change.

The OS/2 feature and stable builds must both be broken since
neither implements the 2 new functions added to "src/run.c"
implementations.  The "os2/run.c" status is:

        complaint with stable interface, missing functions

        feature interface status unknown, missing functions

I'd like to know:

1. Who is able to run the OS/2 feature and stable builds?

2. If no one steps forward to assist with building should
we attempt a fix that can't be tested nevertheless?

Best regards,

Conrad Pino

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